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Somerville Septic is a Somerville septic tank company that provides septic pumping, septic tank repairs, drain cleaning, grease trap clean outs, septic cleaning and lift stations

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Somerville Septic Tank Cleaning

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Somerville Septic is your go-to business for septic tank cleaning in the Somerville area. Somerville Septic has actually serviced Somerville from 1989. Give us a call and we will be out to fix your Somerville septic tank problem if your toilet or tub is backed up.

A typical septic tank in Somerville is about 1,000 gallons. When the tank ends up being crowed with solid waste it backs-up. The tank needs to be situated, exhumed, and pumped. Somerville Septic will come to your home pump the septic tank clean and leave you smiling.

If you live in Somerville Tennessee and need septic tank cleaning, call Somerville Septic. We are your regional Tennessee septic tank professionals and our considerate staff is waiting to assist you now. We are a complete company that concentrates on the emergency service. We have professionals in Somerville that are all set to go!

Family Owned And Operated

We supply the finest septic tank pumping service in Somerville, Tennessee. When you choose Somerville Septic you are getting a company with over twenty years experience in Somerville, Tennessee. Our costs are fair and our service transcends.

How A Somerville Septic System Works

From Toilet To Tank To Drainfield

After flushing a toilet the liquids and solids travel down a pipes line into the septic tank. The septic tank is a vault, which traps solid waste and enables clear liquid to flow through to the drainfield. Inside the septic tank solids and liquids separate into 3 layers. The top layer is called the residue layer it includes floatables including: fats, oils, grease, soaps, and phosphates. The middle layer is the liquid layer and the bottom layer is the sludge layer. The sludge layer consists of heavy particles of raw material which breakdown through an anaerobic procedure. The clear water exits the tank through an outlet baffle and is dispersed into the drainfield which absorbs the water.

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